All about the - 44-6570 B17 Fortress S/Sgt Douglas E. Seavert (my uncle)

& LT Robert Portsch   -   and Our Trip To The UK on 7.2006

487th Bombardment Group (Heavy) of the 8th Air Force, United States Army Air Forces,  Squadron  836



Video about the 44-6570 B17 Fortress-

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 - Lowestoft Journal, 11.8.2006 - Air Show provides emotional pilgrimage.  picture

 - Deployment reveals family honor. -  From August 1996, 439th Airlift Wing, Patriot article.

- The  B17 Fortress crash at Lavenham in February 1945 LT Robert Portsch & S /Sgt Douglas E. Seavert


Our Trip To The UK - Day 1    25.7.2006

Day 1 - Lowestoft

Day 1a - Dell School

Day 1b - B17G Crash Site

Day 2 - The Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum

Day 2 b - Lavenham Air Field.

Day 3 - Lowestoft Sea Front Air Festival

Day 3b - Lowestoft Sea Front Air Festival

Day 4 - Cambridge - American Cemetery and Memorial

Day 5 - Tower of London


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Remembered 3 of 3

Bob Collis with alloy fragment at B-17G 44-6570 site, Carlton Colville, August 1987. Found whilst had digging one of the "spol-heaps" from the bottom of the trench.

(Bob Collis)

Les with control cable linkage dug from one of the "spoil heaps" moved by workmen some distance from the now filled-in tranch.

Aug 1987 (Bob Collis)

Broken-up anti-tank blocks, a grim reminder of the invasion threat of 47 years ago. Found at the bottom of the trench when excavated in march, now moved some distance away by workmen. Behind "progress" in the form of a new housing estate, slowly encroaches onto what was once a muddy farm paddock. (Bob Collis)

General view of the site where B-17G 44-6570 came to rest. The N. sea is only 1 mile or so beyond the buildings on the horizn at Pakefield. The picture looks roughly along the line the anti-tank trench took, E. to W. (Bob Collis)

Douglas E. Seavert

1943-44 S. Point Dr, Avon Lake, Ohio

Donny Keim

Mrs Portsch

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