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Crash Site,  S/Sgt Douglas E. Seavert & 2/Lt. Robert Portsch, B-17G Fortress 44-65 70, 487th Bomb Group Lavenham. Crashed Carlton Colville, Suffolk 14th March 1945

Then Bob and June escorted us to the Carlton-Colville site of the B-17 crash. Bob heard a woman who lived in a house nearby tell about how she heard the sound of the plane skimming her rooftop and looked out at her back yard at the destruction of her laundry hanging out to dry.  It was covered in black smoke and oil from the burning plane.   We visited the streets of the posh housing development. named for the crash.  They were Fortress Drive, Seavert Close, Portsch Close, Ohio, and Bloomfield Roads.  There, also prominently situated, was a large bronze sign commemorating the crash and honoring those who died.

Dolores Moore