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Lavenham Air Field, UK

The Swan Hotel with WWII USAAF personal names written on the wall that where stationed at Lavenham Air Field.

 Honor Roll at the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul

Lavenham.  Doug's base was near by.  This is a beautiful old town of half-timbered buildings and tiny shops lining the narrow old brick streets.  The Swan hotel's sides were slanting and sagging from old age.  The sides of the bar had many signatures of service men who were stationed near here but we couldn't find Doug's name although we knew he had visited the bar.  The local tourist guide sent us to the large very old and beautiful church in town where we found Doug's name listed on the wall along with others of his bomber group.

Then we drove to the USAAF base called Lavenham where first we saw a heavily concreted bunker that was used to guard the entrance to the base.    A farmer owns the whole area now and rents some of the buildings including the tower to private businesses.  We saw some housing and a Quonset hut where it looked like men were repairing an airplane engine.  We also saw the remains of runways. 

There was an incident, in which Doug and crew were involved, in a previous B-17 upon returning from a bombing raid to Dresden.  When approaching in fog to Lavenham base the plane over-shot the runway.  One crewmember was hurt when evacuating the plane too slowly and the person behind him gave him a push.  He landed too hard and broke his ankle.  The new B-17, on its first flight, was totaled.

 Dolores Moore