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Cambridge - American Cemetery and Memorial

Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial.  A guide cancelled his appointments to see two busloads of visitors through and cemetery saying families come first.  We signed a special guest book.  He picked up a small American and UK flag and showed us where Doug’s grave is.  The guide put the two flags on either side of the flowers we brought in front of the cross.  He rubbed the engraved name on the cross with a mixture of sand (from Omaha Beach) and water so the letters would show-up on the photographs.  He took our picture by the cross and presented it to us as we left.  The many flowers, the reflective pool, the huge trees, hedges and grass were perfectly groomed.  The Italian marble crosses are scrubbed and polished weekly and are glaringly white in the sunshine.  It is very beautiful and peaceful there. 

He gave us the flags.

Dolores Moore