Some info on the - On Board Video with a GPS overlay on the video, plus a 1.2ghz 3w video and 900mhz 1w GPS transmitter.

Info on the GPS / Video overlay board.

GPS -  Garmin GPS 18 serial receiver for PC    from - http://www.thegpsstore.com/



GPS Software here - www.visualgps.net

XTendô RF Modem - (2 is needed)  XTend Software Sample

The XTend is fully programmable and can be set for a RF output from 50mw to 1w.  AT 50mw, I get 5+ hours of transmission.


1.2GHz Long Range Video Transmitter and Receiver  http://www.vfmstore.com/trc12g.htm

Any video camera can be used, I use the Panasonic SDR-S10. This records to a SDHC card and has a video audio output.

Batteries are from MC Master Carr (NIMH)  # 6964T23 & 6964T53


GPS                              $79.95

GPS Software               free

XTend RF Modem (2)  $600.00

Base Station Antenna    $100.00

Video Transmitter         $389.00

Batteries                       $93.00